Day #67 – Kyoto

Long time no see, to say the least. Every bus ride home or commute onward, I thought this will be the night I return to my blog. And now i’m here 67 days inward. 😉

I will be coming out with a couple different entries highlighting some locations, happenings, and reactions to my travels. It’s been real.

Today I had my first real sushi experience after wondering around historical Kyoto. Prior to this, I had to make due with some funny airbnb directions and find the entrance to my stay. After pacing around like a bag lady intra- Osaka & Kyoto’s trains of course. Japan’s efficient public transportation system and trains are unparalleled. I also had a couple local older gentlemen give me a gentle hand and looked out for me along the way. It was extremely comforting. People in these areas of Japan are way more compassionate and helpful with foreigners.

Navigating Kyoto was full of blissful sighs and zen visuals. I also found myself at a Kappa ( & Sake museum after trying to find a mysterious “archaelogical site” that was marked on Google Maps. I made a local friend at the matcha cafe and she recommended I try out this sushi joint. Kyoto and the neighboring area Uji are infamous for green tea powder – MATCHA. It’s incredibly surreal to be in these places as matcha is a godly pleasure of mine. If you know me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with tea. So i went on a 25 min walk for le suuush.
The sushi joint was 100% certified. 100 Yen per plate of 1-2 pieces of dank fishy bits. Also in the quintessential atmosphere, with quirky ordering touch-screen self-service, conveyor belt, personal dispensers, and used plate receptacle. Japan = Willy Wonka IRL.

I’ll edit this with some pics and more details
xo reading crew, you are my herooooes.


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