serpentwithfeet – blisters

The intimacy of desperation.

Like feeling pitter-patter gusts of breath whispered into your ear, confessing the terrestrial rot of the heart.

Someone murmuring while swallowing gut-wrenching tears, whose voice cracks and quivers — holding back yet facing deliverance.

Trying to look in the mirror. Distraught. Trembling.

It’s an EP that acts as a seraphic portal. A portal of anguishing transference seeped with grievous anxiety that ultimately induces our own truths & tribulations. Whether those are universal or not, you tell me.

Gospel heretic, serpentwithfeet,  beelines for the wounds of the underground with a “soul-retching” masterpiece, produced by the Haxan Cloak released on Triangle Records Sept 2nd. It is encapsulating and exciting beyond words. Beyond tears, it’s mark of harrowing angelic individuality, through the pairing of sound design & story-telling, departs from the majority’s indistinguishable sea of feedback.

In the track four ethers a delicate, vibrato weeps,

baby it’s cool with me that you like to lie

with fatal honesty & reprieve. The crescendos of orchestral triumph offer a complimentary backdrop. Energetic instrumental design envelops the listener with crashing cymbals releasing searing rapture, over and over again. The snide yet prophetic lyrics, sprung forward by sarcasm & pain, are an exacerbated, breathless mercy. The track is redemptive. All within decaying frames of postmodern woes.

“Babe, it’s cool with me that you want to die,
and I’m not gonna stop you if you try.
Your name is about as easy to remember
as the four ethers.”

Many lines evoke memory, sending one into a shutter-by-shutter spiral of repressed tragedy & comforting imagery. The two are conjoined threads in codependency.

Throughout the EP, the wilting vibrato climbs fragile over exalting instrumentation. The vocals reach new bounds like a contorting instrument. Occasionally they blend layers the piece with harmonica-like riffs or as syncopating ripples among the sounds to format a new language.

The title track, blisters, takes a synth-ier approach with piercing glass tones, descending on the tip of a slithering, wispy tongue. With varied strings, the autumnal force of Josiah Wise’s voice and distinct mastering, the thick plot of Blisters is a delightful awakening. I sat and cradled this one, a little over two weeks now. Thank you.



Blisters is out now, via Triangle Records.