SPOTTED: Young Seal – mindblown.

I came across this today. SO, Seal – Monsieur “Kiss From A Rose” was a raver club kid and did vocals on a breakthrough pop acid house track that was #1 on the charts. Considering acid house was banned by BBC Radio 1, it’s mainstream success was a huge deal. It’s no Hotline Bling. That and all Drake memes definitely killed themselves this week.

I’m not really one for introductory posts. I will get to it though, in some fashion because defining this practice will give me a guide and I want to remain authentic to myself, foremost. I am a curious trajectory. Be thrilled to get to know me and explore with me. Enjoy the snapshots of my brain and journey. We are parallel, perpendicular, and paradoxical. Shared humanity is beautiful. Getting to know someone, their voice, and narrowing a niche happens over time. Posing for pictures takes the life out of them (the pictures and the experience), doesn’t it?